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Why Do I Run?

I have been away from this blog for too long. For those of you who have come back to read this, I thank you. There are a myriad of reasons I have gone MIA. Abby surprised me with a vacation. I had a birthday. I have had two exploratory medical procedures to find out why […]

The Burgeoning Explorer of Central Illinois

From as young as I can remember until our family moved to Muncy, Pennsylvania when I was 15, my family went on vacation to the same spot every year. On my mom’s one full week off of the year, we would trek what seemed the interminably long two hour car ride from the Chicago suburbs […]

The order of payments

As I sit here before seven in the morning on a June Tuesday, eating my peanut butter toast and drinking my coffee, I am struck that such a little thing as getting up early and enjoying a relaxing morning before the grind of the workday can make such a difference in my quality of life. […]

The Healthy Sweet Life

I just got in from my workout today, showered, and put on some clean clothes. To me, there can be no better time to write out why I feel personal health is the first step, and most important step, to living the sweet life. You may wonder how a nearsighted, early 30’s dude with no […]

Where Fact and Fiction Meet

I’m an early 30′s guy living in Washington, DC with interests so varied that it’s tough to boil down to a concise description. One thing I do know is that the phrase, “Jack of all trades, Master of none” is applicable. This blog is going to catalog and explain my never-ending search for the sweet […]