The Healthy Sweet Life

I just got in from my workout today, showered, and put on some clean clothes. To me, there can be no better time to write out why I feel personal health is the first step, and most important step, to living the sweet life.

You may wonder how a nearsighted, early 30’s dude with no kids and a receding hairline can tell you anything about life. And I agree with you, I’m writing this here blog because I’m searching for the sweet life myself but I believe that I have some insight as to why taking care of your health is so important.

Why, you ask? Very simply, because it makes you feel good.

No, it doesn’t necessarily feel good to push for a longer walk or run, or force another weighted repetition out. And it certainly doesn’t feel good the next morning when you’re walking funny because your thighs are screaming at you for taking them on last night’s jaunt. (or worse, last night’s set of lunges or squats!)

Do you know what does feel good? Knowing that you’re doing something for your health. And this ain’t no secret, ladies and germs, you already knew it. I’m just reminding you. The achiness in your legs is also reminding you that you’re working for yourself and your health. The thighs quote Shakespeare, “other thighs will consider themselves CHEAP, when in the presence of those who walked with us upon that sweaty day.”

As for my workout today, I jogged for whatever distance it took me to listen to the first nine songs on Cake’s fantastic album, “Comfort Eagle,” and switched it up to the last four tracks on Hall and Oates’ “Rock and Soul, Vol 1” greatest hits collection for the gym part of my workout.

2 thoughts on that:

1 – I think a great combo Halloween costume with my fiance (who will be my wife by Halloween, wow!) would be if I dressed up as a Cake and she wore a short skirt and a looooooooong jacket. (na-na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-naaaaa-na)

2 – Hall and Oates just friggin rocks.

So, why go on the tangent to point out my workout? Am I pointing out a workout revolution that jogging to in-gym workouts should be on a strict 9 song to 4 song time ratio?

No. I can’t go for that. No can do!

My particular workout is outlined because I have set it up for myself to fit my personal fitness goals. I don’t play football anymore, and therefore have no need to put myself through the heavy weight training that I practiced for years in my teens and early 20’s. I do almost exclusively body-resistance training now, and also because I have been trying to build up my pull-ups. Why? Because I could never do them!

What I’d say for you is to figure out something you can do for your health that you enjoy and will stick to. It doesn’t have to involve a gym. I have a friend whose workout routine involves taking their dog on a nice long walk every night. I’m happy to report that that workout routine paid off big time!

Like Denzel says, “It’s like novocain. Give it time, it always works.”

There aren’t any pre-requisites to taking this first step to the sweet life. You don’t need to quit smoking to worry about your health (though you should probably quit). You don’t need to join a gym, though I do know many people who have gotten motivation from joining a gym. You just need to get into the mindset that you’re going to prioritize your health, and I promise that, like novocain, if you give it time the psychological benefits will follow.

I didn’t mean to be so preachy in this early blog posting, and don’t plan on keeping this up. I am, as I mentioned before, an early 30’s, nearsighted man with no kids and a receding hairline. But I thought it’d do some good to lay out at least some of what I mean by the sweet life.

Now, I have to do laundry. If only my laundry knew I was so busy searching for the sweet life and took care of itself!




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  1. “My particular workout is outlined because I have set it up for myself to fit my personal fitness goals.” You figured it out. Go, Art!

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