Monthly Archives: June 2013

The order of payments

As I sit here before seven in the morning on a June Tuesday, eating my peanut butter toast and drinking my coffee, I am struck that such a little thing as getting up early and enjoying a relaxing morning before the grind of the workday can make such a difference in my quality of life. […]

The Healthy Sweet Life

I just got in from my workout today, showered, and put on some clean clothes. To me, there can be no better time to write out why I feel personal health is the first step, and most important step, to living the sweet life. You may wonder how a nearsighted, early 30’s dude with no […]

Where Fact and Fiction Meet

I’m an early 30′s guy living in Washington, DC with interests so varied that it’s tough to boil down to a concise description. One thing I do know is that the phrase, “Jack of all trades, Master of none” is applicable. This blog is going to catalog and explain my never-ending search for the sweet […]